Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapter 2 - Week 2 and a lot of rabbits

Character trait of a person represented by the rabbit in animal tales :
cheeky, bold
Keywords in the animal oracle of the Celts:
Intuition, Balance, creature of the Goddess, the moon and the night; New life
Whatever applies, I'm still a princess.

After an eventful first chapter I was curious what chapter 2 had in store for me.
My pink post-it plan had a lot of hours of running set out and I thought I would be faced with the first real challenge of my adventure. Well, think again.

Day 1, I went for a run at the beach, feeling absolutely invincible. What an odd feeling after running more than the distance of a marathon two days prior. Not only in my mind I did feel this incredible high but also my legs felt as if I was half flying, half floating down the ocean walk while singing along with all my billboard chart friends on my ipod.

Day 2 got me an hour of running around Brentwood with Steve while I tried to explain my reasons for running ultras and telling some stories from the past. Time flies by when you have animated conversations!

Wednesday, Erin showed me the Malibu Creek course in the late morning and I finally got to see and run that great loop. I even got up early to make myself a big bowl of oatmeal. A bit of power hiking with an equal amount of nice quad consuming downhill waited for me to be explored. Again, time flew by as we kept up a good pace and a great conversation. Sprinting through a swarm of bees was as much fun as attempting to pose for a picture and failing miserably. I am still training - guess that includes the princess training.

"Pose" take 1
"Pose"  take 2 - lots of room for improvement

That day had started out so good that I refused to think about how tired my legs usually are after running/moving on my feet for 3 hours. The consequence of that was that I went for another 10k run in the evening, still feeling great. 

That same day I finally put together some info for my co-adventurers/pacers/crew members for the final chapter of this tale. Also, being late to look for accommodation within walking distance of the start in Squaw Valley, I had a fairy or two to organize an available apartment for 5 with kitchen at an affordable price. This quest is getting some good ground to be built on.

Thursday with the Coyotes and another early rise on Friday rounded up this weeks running. I ran up Westridge and turned left at the top seeing a total of 15 rabbits before I even got to the turn around point. Of course I wondered why they were all looking at me like I'm some mad woman and only started to run away when I wanted to take a picture of them. Maybe I am or at least looked like one mad woman, clearly not used to getting up early 3 times in a row and still singing out loud, ignoring hikers and bikers suspicious glances. On the way down I gave my toenails a rest and didn't run the ridge down. One is already starting it's goodbye phase and I might be faced with someun-princess-like feet even before I get half way through to The Belt. 

I definitely think balance and new life representing the rabbit sum up this week. Sometimes I felt like all I did was run, eat and sleep, nothing else. But the weekend spent with family in Visalia and Fresno balanced it out completely and made me even more excited for the next chapter and it's end now only a few days away. A new life. Everyday.

Balancing out by supervising yard work

Oh, and that creature of Goddess? Working on that one. Got the night and moon covered. June 26 is going to be a full moon night!

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