Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chapter 6 - Week 6 with a lot of rest

Up until now I had been following the my training plan almost 1:1 but this week, my intuition decided to take a different road. Somehow I just didn't want to run anymore before the actual race day. Seeing Katelyn finish her 100 miler motivated me on one side but also made me relax because I truly started to feel that I am ready.
I remember what Jimmy had told me when he gave me the pink post-it training plan. It's like water, it flows. He meant that I don't have to stick to the hours written down. My interpretation this week was that if it flows and I keep it in my wallet at all times, it might make cash flow. Not out of my wallet, obviously. 

Not running made me concentrate more on my work/life situation again and brought me close to insanity at times. Being a control-freak doesn't work too well when you are waiting for other people to make decisions or do their part of the job. 

Luckily, the World Cup was on and I spent a lot of time sitting at Barney's Beanery and even had a 7:30am beer to support my favorite teams. Switzerland writing history by winning against the later World Champion was definitely a happy moment. Followed by the Lakers victory the next day, this week was truly a very active one - just not for my feet and legs. I actually didn't really care who won the NBA finals but I was very glad the Lakers did as I was watching the game with one of the biggest fans I have ever seen. Just watching him was priceless!

The second part of the week, I finally made it to the Getty Museum with visiting friends, enjoyed their company with lots of food and drinks and did not once feel bad about not running and doing all the things "you're not supposed to do" before a big race. Already last year, a week before my WS qualification 50 miler, I had a 3 day party with plenty of beer and very little sleep. It was my best 50 miler yet. So why should I start with new habits this time??

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