Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Week 7 - Pre-race days

My visiting friends stayed until Tuesday and the weekend fun just kept going until they left. A Temescal run/hike on Tuesday was the last and only run related fun of the week and again, I did not look at my pink post-its and let that water flow in my wallet. I was a calm camper.

On Wednesday, the nervousness kicked in. I wasn't actually sure if it was only due to the running excitement but it left me restless, almost sleepless and my mind was racing non-stop. Besides the fact that I thought I was supposed to be at least a little bit nervous to run my heart out in a few days, I was mainly stressing over the fact that I didn't really have a plan mapped out for my life after the race and the following vacation in Hawaii. I know, life is tough sometimes. Or we make it seem that way.
Currently jobless on purpose, with an offer but no visa in progress, I let my mind wander to dark corners I really didn't need to visit that week.
Wednesday evening, the packing was done really quickly as I had planned that part in advance. My princess outfit would get its last touches in Squaw Valley.

Thursday morning at 4 am, I picked up Jimmy to drive up to Squaw Valley. I was very glad he could do some of the driving - and also very glad I fell asleep and did not notice the speed he was going at. It's like control issue therapy where somebody takes over and you have no choice but accepting the facts. Maybe I should do that more often...
In Squaw, we listened to the trail seminar, getting useful info on the changed snow-course while I was rocking back and forth, my arms wrapped around me, nervousness definitely peeking at that moment. It was definitely my worst time of all, my fairytale having a sort of unusual climax. 

To calm down and relax, there are many ways people use. Mine was to finish my wardrobe. I glued little sparkly rhinestones to my shirts. One was the star shirt with a big dipper hidden in between the other stars, the other one was the necklace shirt. I figured, I can work around the jewelery part of a pricess. I really got into it - and really relaxed.
When Jimmy came back to the apartment, I was at peace and totally calm. I even slept for 10 hours, making up some rest time I didn't get earlier in the week.
Friday was filled with watching the Worldcup group H games, the disappointment of the outcome, runner check-in and meeting a lot of new people. I did have a long conversation with Cowman A-mooha and felt like walking on a little cloud with all those good vibes circling me. 

In between legends - Cowman A-Mooha and Gordy Ainsley

In the early evening I did what everyone except Jimmy told me not to do: I walked up the first third of the climb to Escarpment. Jimmy thought it would be the best thing to get rid of any remaining nervousness. It did the trick. I finally recovered my appetite and enjoyed eating dinner with a glass of wine that gave me wonderful heavy eyelids. 
With a ear still closely listening for the arrival of my crew, I was in bed early again, got up to hug my friends when they did arrive, took a pre-race-feet picture and got a couple of hours of dreamless sleep before the fun could finally begin.

Pre-race feet

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